When the jumping gets extreme....

...the extreme turn Pro!

The Perigee Pro side flap is designed to provide the best function and asthetics while minimizing the potential hazards associated with grommets and pins.

  • All flaps are internally lined with 420 denier Para-pack. This gives the rig more body and an overall nicer appearance as well as greater durability. More importantly, it allows us to hide the stitching associated with the reinforcing plastic. This reduces point loading and potential wear points.
  • Since mid 1999 we have been installing a shaped pad behind all flap grommets. This creates a depression at the grommet further minimizing the chance that a suspension line can become entangled with a grommet.

    Top and bottom flaps grommets are protected with both the foam pad and elastic covers.

  • The Perigee Pro utilizes a "wrap-around" style side flap. The side flap is used to create the bottom corner of the rig. The advantage to this style is that the bottom corner no longer needs to be sewn as far up the side wall. When the side flaps open they allow the canopy to leave the container with less restriction than a conventional "boxed-corner".

    Previously, the only draw back to this approach was a limitation on pilot chute placement. This issue has been addressed and the pilot chute pouch is now located adjacent to the edge of the container.

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