June 27th, 2006

Background: In 2002 Consolidated Rigging and Performance Designs entered into a manufacturing agreement, whereby Performance Designs contracted to manufacture the Ace and Black Jack canopies. The benefits of this arrangement for the consumer have been numerous: ISO compliant manufacturing, exhaustive quality control, comprehensive and consistent color choices, and the finest quality finished product on the market.

Present: On Friday June 23, 2006 Performance Designs announced a system wide price increase. This will affect the retail price of Consolidated Rigging's parachutes. In an effort to mitigate the effect of this on the consumer, Consolidated Rigging will honor our current prices until July 21, 2006. In addition, during this time period, we have reduced the required deposit on a custom canopy from 50% to 35%.

The Ace and the Black Jack are considered by many to be the best performing BASE specific canopies available. Performance Designs is the world's preeminent parachute manufacturer and we are proud to have our products built by them. In spite of the increased cost, the performance, quality and durability of the Ace and Black Jack still represent an excellent value.

Adam Filippino
BASE 205