Here are an assortment of photos. Neat stuff we have collected over the years. Interesting things we photgraphed and even submissions from customers.
If you would like your photo displayed just send us a copy. Be sure to credit the photographer. All of the photos below are the property of Consolidated Rigging, Inc. or the respective photographer, please do not copy or distribute these images without permission.


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Scene from the new P. Passe movie
Scene from the new P. Passe movie
Scene from the new P. Passe movie
Frank doing what he did best
Martin Tilley @ BD'99
Slim @ BD '99
Martin Tilley @ BD'99
Christian Sewell @ BD 97
Avery Badenhop w/ his tektite
Petter B. going big in Norway
Vladi Pesa @ the hole
Adam F. enjoying Idaho

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