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If you are interested in a complete System including: Harness Container, Mojo, Pilot chute and  risers etc; please click on price list to see the package discounts available.

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Click here to view a list of available stock fabric colors.

Rig Specifications

Container Sizing: Standard Soft
Rig Colors:
Container side wall will be the same color as #1.
1. 5.
2. 6.
3. 7
4a. Trim Tape:
Pin Stripes:
One Set Included (should be different color than binding tape)
Shrivel Flap Mud Flap
Custom Embroidery
Name on #4b Left: Right:
Thread Color: Left: Right:
Style: Script Block Script Block
Custom Design on #2 and/or #3 (please contact us)

Harness Options
Please select and mark items below

Black Silver Purple Custom: 
 Articulated Lower Harness $75
 Stainless Steel Hip Rings $50
3 Ring Release: Large Small None *
Release Handle: Red Black  
 Stainless Steel Harness 3-Ring (mini only) $50
 Type 17 (1.0") chest strap (Type 8 is standard) N/C
B-12 Leg Strap Hardware (not available w/ articulated harness) $25
* If you are not purchasing a rig package, add $80 for no 3-rings.

Custom Color Harness $20
Name Embroidered on Mudflap #4 (per side) $20
Extra set of pin stripes $10
2 color #4 panel (see above) $20
Backpad Pocket $25
Jack the Ripper Hook Knife mounted in left mud flap $15
Front Riser Dive Loops $10
D-Rings for tersh - permanent $15
Rear of Leg strap throw out pouch: (BOC standard) $45
Stash Bag $30
P/C Choice
(one P/C is included with package)
46" 42" $70
38" 32" $50


Cliff Pack convertible back pack $199
BASE Gear Bag fits perigee, helmet/pads $45
Direct Bag $50
Mesh Slider $35
BASE Risers/Toggles designed for use with line mod $85
Packing Tape/Owner's Manual (+$5 for PAL) $35


Units used: Inches/Pounds Centimetres/Kilograms
Sex: Male Female
Height: Weight:


(measured @ navel)
Leg Strap:

(Top of hip bone around leg back to hip bone)


(From base of neck below Adam's apple to top of hip bone on side of body)


(no shoes)

Additional Comments:

Perigee Classic Package Price
  • Perigee Classic Harness and Container (with one set of pin stripes).
  • 38", 42" or 46" pilot chute and bridle
  • BASE Risers/Toggles
  • Stash Bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Video Owner's Manual

Perigee Classic Harness and Container only (one set of pinstripes)

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under $400 = $9.95
$400 to $1100 = $17.95
over $1100 = $25.95
3-day, 2-day, next day and international service available, please contact us for rates.
All Prices are cash or cash equivalent.

Base Jumping is a hazardous and unproven sport. Consolidated Rigging Incorporated and all of it's affiliates do not advocate anyone participate without accepting the possibilty of severe injury or death. Moreover, Consolidated Rigging makes no warranty express or implied as to the reliability, suitability or safety of any product it sells. I (purchaser) accept the above statements and realize this equipment is sold without any guarantee of performance or quality.

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