The Mojo is the first canopy designed, built and tested specifically for the sport of BASE jumping. Additionally, it is the only BASE canopy designed by an active BASE jumper. The Mojo is a low aspect ratio 7-cell, tailored to the special demands of BASE jumping. It combines a unique computer designed airfoil and extensive reinforcing with state of the art construction techniques and materials to provide the best possible combination of performance and reliability while minimizing weight and bulk.

The Mojo BASE specific canopy is available in six precisely scaled sizes: 190ft2, 220ft2, 240ft2, 260ft2, 280ft2 and 310ft2

The design emphasis is on stable/high lift flight in low air speed configurations. Stability in extreme deep brakes and rapid stall recovery with minimal altitude loss are valuable assets both on deployment and at landing The Mojo is designed to land well in deep brakes as well as from full flight. In the previous 7 years, the Mojo has become known for solid pressurization and its ability to consistently land well in demanding situations. The Mojo was designed to provide these characteristics while still offering stable and predictable flight.

Extensive reinforcing is used in crucial high-load areas such as suspension line and bridle attachment points. All load-bearing seams have chord-wise reinforcing at the line attachments. The lower surface is reinforced span-wise in all high stress areas. Continuous (600lb) suspension lines are used for A/B centerlines. This area supports almost 80% of the load and is therefore the most prone to failure. The use of continuous vs. cascaded lines increases the strength of this area and decreases the resulting airfoil distortion in the unlikely event of suspension line failure. The Mojo is triple cross-ported for rapid and symmetrical pressurization. Corrosion resistant #5 stainless steel connector links are utilized, along with silicone slider bumpers - the highest strength and best quality available.


  • Integrated Primary-Stow Tail Pocket with anti-slump design
  • Standard and custom deep brake settings
  • High visibility (red) steering system
  • Tail Gate
  • Long Control Stroke allows easy manuevering and stall resistance at low speeds
  • Choice of slider (mesh or sail)
  • Video owner's / packing manual


  • Zero Porosity upper surface: Made of Soar CoatTM, this option definitely provides a more responsive canopy; nice landings and rapid pressurization. However, packing is more difficult. This option is good for slider up jumping or experienced BASE packers.
  • Black Suspension Line: This line is a little stronger than the standard white Dacron . Control lines are red for easier packing. Looks cool!
  • Spectra Suspension Line: 825# suspension and 1000# steering line is used. This will make your canopy open FAST. It is best for big wall, slider–up jumping. The nature of this line amplifies asymmetries in body position at deployment, making it suitable for experienced BASE jumpers only.
  • Large Mojo Logo: Six foot Mojo logo sewn to lower surface.
  • Custom Logos: We can apply any logo you may want to either the top, bottom or sides of the canopy. Please contact us for prices and delivery. Take a look at some other logos we've done.

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