Measuring Guide
To perform it’s best, your Harness / Container System must fit well. To help ensure this we have provided the following guideline for taking accurate measurements.

Next to the description of each measurement are two numbers. These denote the typical (medium) length for that measurement. The format is inches / cm. Use this as a reference to be sure your measurement makes sense.

A few tips for successful measuring:

  • Do not attempt to measure yourself. Use an assistant.
  • Wear the clothes you will most likely be jumping in.
  • Take each measurement 3 times and use the average.
  • Do not make “corrections”. If you have a special request, place it in the comments field.

  • Height
    With no shoes on, stand erect against a wall and record the point that is in-line with the top of your head. (69 /175)

    Stand on a scale- don’t guess. (160 /72.5)

    Measure across nipples or below breasts. (40 /102)

    Measure at navel. (32 /81)

    Place your finger tips into your arm pit and move your hand down the side of your body until you feel the high point of the hip bone. Leave your hand here and have your assistant measure from the hollow point at the base of your throat (just below the adam’s apple) to the point you just located on your hip. (20 /51)

    Leg Strap
    Place the tape at the same point on your hip used for the Torso measurement and pass it around your leg as a leg strap would go. Do not pull too tight and be sure you do not have a wallet in your pocket. (33 /84)

    With feet shoulder width apart and no shoes on, measure from the crotch to the floor in a straight line. (32 / 81)

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