Line Release Modification:

This is simply a method of configuring the steering lines for slider down / removed deployments. The steering lines are routed outside of the slider (if present) and outside of the riser's guide rings. This presents several problems for setting deployment brakes that are effectively remedied with Consolidated Rigging's BASE riser system. The advantage to using the LRM is that in the event of a line over malfunction (which is most likely to occur when jumping slider down / removed) one can release the offending line and it is free to slip off the canopy.

The LRM must be used properly if it is to be effective. Using an inefficient or poorly designed toggle/ riser system can compound problems by allowing premature releases or causing the line to jam. Also, do NOT use the LRM in conjunction with a slider for deployment. Whenever using a slider for deployment, always reroute the steering lines through both the guide rings and slider grommets.

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