Our new AV Series Pilot Chutes utilize a special profile and Vented Apex to increase the stability of the pilot chute. Pilot chute spin and oscillation has been definitively associated with off-heading deployments. This new design results in a pilot chute that better centers itself after the deployment throw, and remains more stable during deployment than conventional pilot chutes.

The faster the deployment speed, the more noticeable the benefits. To learn more about the background behind this development Click here

The AV Series Pilot Chutes also benefit from 6 load tapes (vs. four) to improve canopy shaping and increse durability.

The pilot chute is arguably the most important component in a single parachute system. If it fails to work properly, the best parachute money can buy will be of no use. Selection of the proper sized pilot chute is equally important.

Too small and deployment could be dangerously long; too large and you risk damage to your gear and deployment problems.


  • Zero porosity cloth
  • Heavy-duty single center line with three attachment points.
  • Load tapes on mesh and canopy
  • Bartack reinforcing throughout.
  • Bias-loading construction
  • Large hole mesh for fast and consistent inflation.
  • Double reinforced crown on 42" and 46".
  • Internal handle on 38".
  • External handle on 32".

    We can install internal or external handles on any size pilot chute except 46". Hacky sacks and other alternate handles are available as well.


Pilot Chute Size (inches) Typical Freefall Delay (sec)
7 - terminal
4 - 7
2 - 4
0 - 2

Note: A bridle used for BASE jumping should be no less than 9' from container to pilot chute to generate adequate snatch force at low speeds.

BASE specific risers must do several things. They must be strong and durable enough for use in a single parachute system. They must allow for easy toggle release under high loads and exhibit no tendency for premature release. They must be simple to configure and reliable to use with or without the "line release modification". We have been building and selling our BASE risers for 12 years with no reported problems. Our brake/toggle stow design was adapted from Tandem Skydiving risers and has proven to consistently meet the requirements of an effective BASE specific system. Other manufacturers have followed suit and introduced similar systems.


  • Mil Spec. T/VIII webbing (1 23/32").
  • Mini rings for compatibility and convenient canopy testing.
  • Integrity design eliminates grommet hole.
  • Full line stow pouch.
  • Elastic toggle hoods.
  • Simple and effective brake stow system reduces forces at the toggle while creating a very secure junction.
  • Specially made toggles help prevent steering line hang-ups

The mesh slider is the perfect solution for delays from 3 seconds to seven seconds. It allows for clean deployments, lessens stress on the canopy and jumper yet still provides swift openings. Mesh sliders are sized for the Mojo series of canopies or we can manufacture a slider to your specifications.

The tail pocket is a deployment device designed to overcome the draw backs of a bag such as bag lock, bag spin and high inertia, while still providing clean pack jobs and proper deployment sequencing.


  • Custom sizing.
  • Anti-slump design.
  • Integrated primary stow for use with or without a slider.

Note: It is important to properly install the tail pocket and reinforce the installation. We would be glad to install a tail pocket onto any canopy please contact us for more information.

The direct bag is a hand held deployment bag intended for use on objects too low to safely freefall. It is held by an assistant at the exit point helping to ensure a rapid deployment and excellent chance of an on-heading opening. It incorporates a 6' safety line marked handles and a center stow to avoid twists. Custom sized for the perigee.

Direct bag deployments should only be made with the slider removed or secured to the font risers.

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