If you are interested in a complete System including: Harness Container, Black Jack, Pilot chute and  risers etc; please click on price list to see the package discounts available. If this is the case, you will need to complete an order form for the canopy and the Container.

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Canopy Specifications

Body Weight: Slider up jumping %
Typical landing elevation: Slider down jumping %

Each Black Jack comes standard with:

  • PACtm Valves (Patent Pending)
  • 600# Dacron Line
    (continuous A,B centerlines).
  • Contrasting Control System and Tail Gate lines.
  • Tail Gate.
  • Multiple Brake Settings.
  • Integrated Primary-Stow Tail Pocket.
  • Stainless Steel connector links.
  • Span-wise reinforcing tapes.
  • Chord-wise reinforcing tapes.
  • Triple cross-porting.
  • High-speed or mesh slider.
  • Packing / Inspection Manual.

Up-to-date currency conversion. Note: this is a reference only, your bank will make the conversion at the actual time of payment.

Canopy Choice

Black Jack 200: $1712
Black Jack 220: $1747
Black Jack 240: $1747
Black Jack 260: $1789
Black Jack 280: $1898
Black Jack 310: $1988

Slider Choice:
Mesh (fine mesh std.) Sail

Composite Upper Surface (Partial ZP upper surface): (enhances flight and pressurization) $200
Black 600# Dacron Suspension Lines: $75
Custom Logo: We can apply your design anywhere on your new Black Jack. examples Contact us for quote
Extra Slider: $50
Owner's Manual on CD - Features complete color manual plus video clips : N/C

Consolidated Rigging will build your Black Jack in any color you want. However, for faster delivery we keep several stock color patterns in production. These color patterns were chosen for the most efficient background blending and ease of packing/inspection. Standard colors and patterns vary . Please check our stock list for available canopies. If you would like a stock canopy, please just reference it's serial number in the "comments" field. You may also specify your custom pattern on the form below or the pdf order form.


If your pattern is simple, use the check boxes below to save a little time. Otherwise please specify rib and bottom surface colors.

Please just match the lowers to the uppers
Please just match the ribs to the surfaces

2R 10R 2S:
3R 11R
4R 12R
5R 13R
6R 14R
7R 15R

If you have selected the Composite Upper Surface Option please choose the colors for these panels. Approximately the front 30% of the upper surface is ZP.


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Before proceeding please read the following information carefully.

Fixed Object Jumping (BASE) is a sport in it's adolescence. Techniques and equipment are still evolving. However, by it's very nature it will never be "safe".

One of the rewards of participating is consciously challenging yourself and beating the odds. Make no mistake, you can be hurt or killed if you participate.

It is essential that you have adequate experience and proper training before attempting a BASE jump. Consider also that each object and even the same object on different days can pose a separate set of variables that must be accurately assessed and incorporated into your plan. Failing to do so may be your final mistake.

In the previous 20 years there have been approximately 50 fatalities as a result of BASE jumps gone awry. The majority of these resulted from object strikes and / or loss of control of the parachute. Interestingly, a majority were from objects over 300 meters in height. Jumps that "seem" safer.

Unquestionably, the jumper's experience, level of preparation and attitude are the most critical elements in determining the success of a jump.

I have read the above statements. I realize that Fixed Object Jumping is a dangerous endeavor and that sky diving experience and BASE specific training are required to participate.
Consolidated Rigging, Inc. makes no warranty express or implied as to the reliability, suitability or safety of any product it sells. I (purchaser) accept the above statements and realize this equipment is sold without any warranty or guarantee of performance or quality.

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